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Austin and fight again, and fall into China, what?(2)

Although Aung Sans government wanted to take advantage of the Bin-Long Conference of the 21st Century to compete for the dominance of the national settlement, the Aung San government was inexperienced
Although Aung San's government wanted to take advantage of the "Bin-Long Conference of the 21st Century" to compete for the dominance of the national settlement, the Aung San government was inexperienced in this regard and many of its arrangements were still subject to the Burmese military bloc. For example, the Wa state as the strongest Burma North civil and military, not only in all sorts of difficulties, not even a right to speak. At the same time, in order to divide the Burmese people and the relationship between the military, gave the strength of the Wa state as the fourth special voice. Myanmar to do so, fundamentally speaking, is to disintegrate the Burmese North to the Union, to avoid their Baotuan. From the reality, this division of the disintegration of the effect is good, according to relevant information, Wa state and four special heart between the students, there is mutual distrust.
In the process, from the Burma North sporadic reports, the Burmese army gradually from the fourth SAR Mengla direction to find a breakthrough, occupy some important military positions. As Mengla is located in the hinterland of the Wa state, the Wa state is worried that once the Myanmar army is in control of the area and attacking the Wa state, the Wa state will be cut into two sections from the north to the south. In addition, several other regions are also more severe, the Burmese army gave a lot of military pressure.
It is in this context, the Wa state and the Burmese military launched a sharp confrontation. In October, the Burmese armed forces commander Mangang to visit China when the two sides in sharp opposition, Minang visit to China is one of the important purpose is to allow China to allow its military action in Burma North.
Mian visit to China, China has given a very high standard of reception, learning total also met. During the meeting, Mangang referred to Burma North, and the total number of students did not talk about the exchanges and cooperation between the two armies. Obviously, China means that I can give you support, but can not start military operations in northern Burma to China to create trouble. However, the reality is that the Burmese army gradually eroded and pushed forward, the situation of the Wa state and other bad relations with Myanmar are not very good. In this case, the Burmese war finally broke out.
According to the Myanmar local armed news, November 20 local time at 2:40, bold, Deang, Rakhine and Kachin four armed nearly 10 mixed battalion of the joint forces of the Burmese army in Meng ancient region Meng ancient suburb , Bar, Peng line, mulberry and many other points to carry out RBI RBI. Burma Army 99 division and Kachin 6 brigade outbreak of fierce fighting, as of 8 am, the fighting has not stopped, China Wanding and other places people can clearly hear the guns. Early in the morning, the Burmese military support route has been cut off by the coalition forces, the resident Burmese army because of the logistical supply is not strong, shrink to strong defense base dying resistance. At present, the Allied forces and coalition forces have occupied an important military position, and has built fortifications, is on the Burmese army stationed a new round of attacks. , As of now, fighting is still in progress. The fighting is fierce, according to the Allied military officers involved in the battle revealed that the war has just begun, more intense fighting is still behind.
The Burmese armed forces launched a surprise attack, fundamentally, is to pre-emptive strike in China to give Burmese enough political pressure, the Burmese army has not fully make decisions in a state of hesitation, to take a surprise attack Quickly occupied an important stronghold, thereby gaining military superiority in order to improve their military security and bargaining chips. Now, the war just started, in the end there will be what the outcome is unknown, but one thing can be confirmed, that is, China will not want to Burma North outbreak of a large war.
On the day of the outbreak of the war, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman made it clear that China attaches great importance to the peace and tranquility of the Sino-Burmese border, expressed serious concern over the exchange of fire on the Myanmar side of the region, hope the parties concerned exercise restraint and stop the military action , To prevent conflict escalation. China calls on the parties concerned to adhere to dialogue and consultations and make earnest efforts to safeguard the peace process in Myanmar.
According to reports, 20 days have been another fallow into China, there is no doubt that China will pay close attention to the war, and according to the situation to make the appropriate military deployment to avoid the situation out of control.